Engineered to power the movement in you. Two models dancing while wearing leggings and sport bras from HPE Activewear on a grey background.
A founder of HPE Activewear.


Nicholas Harris has been a human performance expert for 20 years specialising in Sport, Music and Entertainment. During this time his clients have included Formula 1 World Champions, male and female Grand Slam winning Tennis players, AC/DC and Robert Downey Jr. As the architect, Nicholas applied the system and sciences used to accelerate human performance, increase recovery and reduce inflammation to design and create HPE Activewear.

Movement isn't just for athletes. it's for everyone. It's not just about numbers or records. It's about every individual journey.
That's why we empower people to set their own goals. To find the connection between body and mind.
To understand that feeling great is just as important as looking great. We've taken the science behind world champions and put it into the everyday.
Creating technology that adapts to every body. Engineering products to power the movement in you.
Set your own goals. Set your own pace. hpe: engineered to power the movement in you.
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