Introducing our tree planting scheme with (more:trees)

our tree planting scheme with (more:trees)

A wild foggy forest.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is hugely important to us at HPE Activewear, which is why we’re partnering with (more:trees) to plant trees for our brand and on behalf of you, our customers. For every order over $100, you will qualify for a free tree to be planted in your name, in one of many forests across the world.

How to take part

The benefits of tree planting

The benefits of tree planting

Climate action

Trees are one of our greatest tools in the fight against climate change. Each tree planted will go on to sequester an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over its growth life, while helping minimize the effects of climate change, such as flooding and extreme weather events.

Sustainable development 

Planting trees support more than 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals as set out by the United Nations. These include alleviating poverty, eradicating hunger, supporting life on land and below water, and enhancing gender equality.

A woman and a young girl are planting a small tree.

What happens behind the scenes?

After proceeding through the checkout with your tree, we work with (more:trees) to facilitate the planting of your tree in one of their partner forests.

(more:trees) works with local planting experts to plant indigenous tree species suited to the specific project and its needs. This ensures your tree is planted with the best chances of survival and for optimum impact on climate change and sustainable development.

You can learn more at:


Unfortunately due to the scale of planting and best use of the tree planters' time, it is now possible to provide individual updates on trees. However, you can follow @moretreehq for project updates.

(more:trees) plants trees in forests across the world, including locations such as Haiti, Madagascar and Kenya. Each project is extensively vetted and monitored to ensure it has the best impact on our planet, communities and wildlife.

You will receive email confirmation about your tree shortly after your purchase. Following this email, HPE Activewear works with (more:trees) to plant trees as soon as possible, according to the location, planting seasons and weather conditions.

To learn more about tree planting and (more:trees) please head to or